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Discover how to stress less, create a more balance, resilience, and joy in your life.

This event will bring together the best experts in the K-12 education and wellness industry to teach you how to stress less and balance better, FREE (for a limited time).

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Now You’re Probably Wondering, What EXACTLY Will I Get Out Of Attending This Virtual Summit?

Great question, and I’m glad you asked.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover by joining the free Stress Less Teach Better Summit:

  • A behind the scenes lesson on helping others transform from over-burdened to joy-driven
  • Why simple mindfulness techniques can have a dramatic impact on a teacher's ability to manage stress  
  • Why 40% of new teachers leave within the first five years and how we can help others before they leave
  • How to take their first proactive steps to growing through their burnout
  • How gratitude can unlock the brain's ability to see the best in the world   
  • Why laughter and humor can transform your ability to handle challenging situations
  • How understanding gender identity can help you reach students who may not feel understood
  • Learn how to make space for LGBTQ+ students and educators

Teacher Turned Tai Chi 

I left my position as a first grade teacher in a public school in New York years ago after deciding I wanted to help reach more people with a message of calmness and balance. For 27 years I've been a Speaker and Tai Chi Instructor, helping people to stress less and create more balance and joy in their lives!


Teachers are essential to our society's future

My path was inspired by a teacher who believed in me before I could. She provided the encouragement to reach for what I thought was impossible which lead to my undergraduate work in IT and healthcare. As a paramedic of ground rescue, flight, & tactical medicine I've seen my share of stressful situations. As an IT strategist, I'm looking to give back to a field that is critical to the future of our society by helping educators learn from top experts in this virtual venue.


Featured Expert Sessions

Blake Fly, Author &  8-Time TEDx Speaker

Eliminate Burnout By Activating Unexpected Thanks, Appreciation And Gratitude In Your Career And Communities

Christine Ann Hall

Earth Science proves the metaphysical. Why do rocks make you feel so good?

Kaylie Beech

Stress Less Yoga! All levels flow to destress after a long day in the classroom or try this class to wake your body and mind up before teaching!

Dawn Pensack

Managing the stress and demands of being a teacher are critical to long-term job satisfaction and overall wellness. Learn 3 simple tools busy teachers can use to manage their stress & not adding more tasks to the to-do list.

Heidi Hadley

Find out in this presentation, how to deepen your somatic or internal awareness to the actions of your nervous system. Learn how to prevent getting to the point of burn out.

Amber Harper

Becoming a Burned-In Teacher!  Amber is dedicated to empowering burned-out teachers to believe that they deserve and can achieve a happier and more fulfilled career and life with her 8-step BURNED-IN process

Stacy Love Cameron

You will learn how to get a great workout with a small amount of time and space. You do not need a gym or tons of equipment. Learn how to workout with a simple towel during this session.

Jackie Grundberg

Discover an easy way for teachers & parents to engage children in exciting, hands-on science without the overwhelm and frustration. Using inquiry-based learning, start with a child’s question on ANY concept and end with the child’s presentation on what they’ve learned in record time...with ZERO prep!

Sabrina Runbeck,

A Gallup poll showed only 15% of workers are engaged at work. Exhausted professionals are not a new thing. The good news is that I can get you to avoid all this with a framework that healthcare professionals are using to recharge their energy, boost their performance, and become both more successful individuals in their field.

Valerie J. Lyons,
CPC, CRC, LMHC & Author

I am an Educator, Career Healer, Women Empowerment Igniter and Power Networker. Through having authentic conversations that foster deep reflection and discovery, I empower women in the 50+ age range, to create a Joy Driven Life! I have over 15 years of experience positively impacting & teaching others how to be the leaders of their own lives and careers.

Dr. Nicole Bruno,
D.O., Pediatrician

How to help prevent childhood obesity from the classroom. As a pediatrician practicing for over 10 years with a passion to prevent and treat childhood obesity. I'm on a mission to educate and empower families and communities to make healthy the easy choice.

Michael Mezmer, CHT
American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

Mastering stress for Educators. Participants the basics of hypnosis & how teachers can utilize it for their specific stressors, and how to recognize brownout before burnout. Michael will also outline powerful stress management techniques and will have participants practice some easy to use stress management exercises. Participants will learn how to not just survive, but to thrive during these challenging times.

Riannan Marie Peterson, 
CPT & Health Coach

Discover how to eat healthy for under $10 a day! Yes, you can make healthy choices without spending too much! I'll give you my tips and tricks for better choices and recipe ideas as well! We will cover Managing your Food Budget, Healthy Swaps for you and your family, Seasoning your food to love it!

Carla McClellan, 
Rev. PCC Coach

To live a life of meaning we need to consistently be clear about what gives our life purpose, focus our energy towards what we say is important for us, just take the next step to bring ease and to acknowledge the grace we are given each and every day.

Sarita Covington,
MFA & Social Entrepreneur

This presentation will share just a few of the numerous benefits to the well-being of children and adults by simply taking learning outdoors. You will walk away with an understanding of the psychological and physical benefits of outdoor education as well as simple ways to incorporate it into your curriculum.

Mary Kerwin
CEO of Confident Families

With over 40 years of experience teaching in the NYC school system, Mary has created many ventures to help students and families excel and to encourage greatness.  You'll learn how to excel as both a parent and a teacher. 

Tara September, 
Author & PR Specialist

Writing for Self Care and Reflection. Former Huffington Post blogger, Tara was also a PR executive for The Walt Disney Company & Communications Manager for WWE. For 15 years, she has penned a popular lifestyle, travel, and parenting blog at with over 35k followers on Instagram @TaraMetBlog.

Jeanne & Steve Toovell, 
Ret. Teachers & Entrepreneurs

Jeanne and Steve will review the inherent, amazing skills that teachers possess and how those skills can be utilized to created financial independence and wealth in the health and wellness arena. They will also illustrate how those teaching skills can be an asset to not only create wealth but time freedom while remaining true to their passion for teaching.

Jamie Sears,
The Not So Wimpy Teacher

What if you could spend less time in the classroom after hours and more time doing what you love? In this session, I'm sharing the 3 keys that helped me break out of the "never enough time" cycle and start loving teaching again. (Did I mention getting my evenings and weekends back?)

Suzanne Jeffreys
Co-host & Founder of Tai Chi with Suz

As master instructor of the ancient form of martial arts, Tai Chi, Suz has helped people manage their health and wellness through nutrition and fitness for over 27 years. As co-host of the Stress Less Teach Better Summit she is thrilled to bring together a phenomenal lineup of experts and help teachers from around the globe stress less and balance better.

Lisa Giruzzi, 
Author & Coach

What if stress, pressure and overwhelm are not a given? In this day and age, we have come to believe that stress, anxiety, pressure, overwhelm, etc. come with everyday life, and especially during a pandemic. Life doesn’t have to be this way. When you discover the innocent misunderstanding at the heart of the matter it is possible to eliminate stress & anxiety as a problem forever.

Vanessa Clayton
Empathy Healing Guide

Learn how to create teacher energy boundaries that will deepen your heart-to-heart connection and healthy energy boundaries with your students, parents, and fellow teachers & administrators. Get tools to stay heart-centered, set energy boundaries, and release the source of your stress.

Drew Paglia
High School Student

17 year-old student a junior at The Lawrenceville School. Co-founded 5Help Foundation March 2020 at the onset of the pandemic. He has helped raise over $117K and assisted more than 10,000 people helping those on the front lines, seniors, & small businesses and quickly expanded to help other areas of need and crisis $5 at a time. 

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Stress Management Strategies Revealed By The Top Experts In The World

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Long and Difficult Way

  • You could spend thousands dollars and countless hours trying to implement "OLD" outdated strategies you've learned from "so-called experts" that aren't that effective anymore (or worse... don't work at all!) if you'd like to get results fast. 

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Suzanne Jeffreys

Hi, I’m Suz.
As a retired 1st grade teacher, I love what you do. For 27 years I've been a Speaker and Tai Chi Instructor, helping people to stress less and create more joy in their lives!

My mission is to bring together top experts in and around our industry to delivery incredible value to teachers throughout the world.

If you are ready to put in the work, I’m here to show you the way.

Robbie MacCue

Hi, I’m Robbie. 

For over 20 years I've been helping others and I'm excited to help bring thousands of our society's most important asset (teachers) to the forefront of this digital transformation that is happening in online learning.

How’d You Like To Access 20+ World-Class Masterclasses Designed for Educators?

These sessions will show you simple strategies that top people in the industry use and recommend. For a limited time, you can get FREE access to this exclusive content right here.

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